Singer TG Sheppard Remembers His Friend Elvis Presley

Elvis' death 43 years ago devastated fans around the world. For TG Sheppard, the loss was deeply personal.

TG Sheppard Soars On Midnight In Memphis

This marks TG first studio album in 22 years and it is compelling from start to finish.

TG Sheppard and Larry Gatlin Talk Meeting With Elvis on Fox News

Country Gold Legends TG Sheppard and Larry Gatlin share memories of meeting with Elvis with Fox Nation host and Country star John Rich.

Live From Memphis With TG Sheppard

The musician sat down with us to go over his album lineup process and his friendship with Elvis.

S&E Profile: TG Sheppard

The story of T.G. Sheppard is loaded with more riveting twists and turns than a well-plotted mystery tale. But his remarkable rise to country fame is pure truth, not fiction – in fact, you couldn’t make this up regardless of how fertile your imagination might be.

T.G. Sheppard Talks Elvis Presley, Barry Gibb and 'Midnight in Memphis'

T.G. Sheppard returned in Sept. 2019 with his first solo country album in 22 years, Midnight in Memphis. Noteworthy songs include the title track, penned by the Bee Gee's Barry Gibb, and a comedic ode to Sheppard's mentor, "I Wanna Live Like Elvis."

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