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Review: TG Sheppard soars on ‘Midnight in Memphis,’ honors Elvis Presley

On September 20, veteran country music star TG Sheppard released his highly-anticipated studio offering, “Midnight in Memphis.”

This marks his first studio album in 22 years, and it is compelling from start to finish. The CD opens with the enthralling “I Wanna Live Like Elvis,” and it is followed by the mid-tempo “Black Coffee.” He slows the tempo on the poignant ballad “We Hours,” where he showcases his rich, baritone voice.

It is followed by the smooth “Addicted to You,” and he tugs at the heart with “Say Hello to Heaven.” “I’m a Song” is soothing and heartfelt, while “I Was Losing You” is filled with raw emotions and melancholy.

After the nostalgic title track ballad “Midnight in Memphis,” the CD closes with the mid-tempo “Sober” and with the tear-jerker “The Day Elvis Died,” which is a fitting homage to the “King of Rock and Roll.

Midnight in Memphis is available on Apple Music and on Amazon Music.

The Verdict Overall, TG Sheppard delights on this brand-new album, Midnight in Memphis. There is a great deal of variety in this studio effort. Sheppard epitomizes the best that the country genre has to offer: authenticity, moving stories, remarkable vocals, and warm lyrics. His rumbling voice is still as smooth as silk. This new collection garners an A rating.


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